“Association Les Amis du SXM Festival” and “Two Bunch Palm” are two non-profit associations created by the founders of SXM Festival and registered in Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten. Our mission is to support the rebuild of the island and rekindle its international reputation: one of the most popular and desired destinations in the Caribbean.

For over 15 years, Saint-Martin has been our second home. We have long forged strong ties with the island and its people and have adopted their culture.

We have strong relationships with the tourist offices of both the Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten territories with whom we have worked in solidarity to raise funds and to support people in need in their time of crisis.

As devastating as Hurricane Irma was, Saint-Martin is experiencing a renaissance. As a community united, we have the power to help our second home recover and for our little Caribbean jewel to be stronger than ever. We want to show St-Martin and all our friends on island who have given us so much joy, that we are worthy of their love.



The day after Irma hit, we created a page on GoFundMe and used the festival's media to make a plea to our community for donations. Thanks to this campaign, and with the help of the generous “Mr. Mouche” (an event organizer in Paris), we raised $55,032.91 USD.

This contribution is modest in light of the huge needs of the island after the passage of Irma. We are proud to continue assisting the recovery by welcoming our fans back to the island.

We are grateful for their willingness to support our cause. We would like to thank with all our heart and on behalf of the people of St-Martin, for the generosity and compassion of every donor who has contributed. We are happy to present the result of these actions.



Creation of a mobile Nautical Base project:

Directed under the aegis of Christophe Parisot (vice-rector of the Antilles-Guyane Academy, representation of Saint-Martin), we made a joint decision to create a mobile nautical base that could be used by all the schools of the French side of Saint-Martin, and all its communities. Stored in several containers, the bases will be placed at strategic locations such as Sandy Ground and Galion beach. They will remain there a few months before being moved under the management of the teacher in charge, Mr Alex Sussot, accompanied by the teachers and in consultation with Mr Parisot. Any teacher is entitled to use the material, alternately, upon request. Also, the purchase of 10 canoes has benefited hundreds of public school students during their sports education classes.

Cleaning Sandy Ground beach:

The association “Les Amis du SXM Festival” and the Mercure Hotel gathered a citizen's collective to proceed with the cleaning of Sandy Ground Bay beach. The brave volunteers cleared an area of about 400 meters of debris using trucks. The action lasted for several days.

Palm trees plantation:

Three classes of Aline Hanson elementary school, in the presence of Rector Mostafa Fourar and education stakeholders, attended the transplanting of 150 coconut & palm trees on Sandy Ground beach. This operation, conducted by the association " Les Amis du SXM Festival", was intended to involve students in the  beautification of the island by restoring the local flora to the beaches, that was lost during the passage of Hurricane Irma. 

Association “Les Tigres d’Orléans”:

‘Les Tigres d’Orleans” is the largest association of students on the French side of the island. It brings together more than 400 youth from the French side of Saint-Martin and is located in the “Quartier d’Orleans” district. They specialize in archery and the association sadly suffered a major loss of equipment related to the destruction of its storage structure by Hurricane Irma. Equipment kits for archers are now being shipped from Guadeloupe to Saint-Martin to assist in the recovery of their association.


Donation for six schools:

The donations collected for the Dutch part of Sint Maarten were divided, in equal shares, and distributed to the following 6 public schools: Leonald Connor School, Ruby Labega School, St Maarten Vocational Training School, Dr. Martin Luthor King JR, Marie Genevieve de Weever , Oranje School, Prins Willem Alexander School. Each school donation is valued at $ 2,000. To meet everyone's needs, electronics, educational equipment and tools were delivered to each school during the 2018-2019 school year.